What is Perdisco?

Perdisco originates from a Latin word which means to have a thorough knowledge. Perdisco aims at distributing and developing learning tools of high quality and aims at achieving excellence in the field of digital education through digital publishing innovation. It basically publishes learning content that is interactive and provides specialization in the diverse field and subjects like mathematics, accounting, statistics and finance which is used in universities of countries like Australia, Asia, Canada, New Zealand and United states.

What is perdisco assignment

The various resources that are used in Perdisco includes subject rich textbook and practice set for accounting subject and online learning programs with detailed and regular feedback which helps students in gaining an adequate grip over the subject they are studying or learning.

 The perdisco assignment help providers ensure that adequate support is provided to the tutors and instructors so that they contribute towards the learning experience of the student without adding additional burden of work to themselves. Resources of perdisco can be used in a variety of courses thus it includes the element of customization.  

What are perdisco practice set?
Predisco assignment generally deal with the manually designed online practice sets in the field of accounting. Perdisco practice set help students learn the basics of accounting in a very playful manner. These practice set act as tool of teaching that helps students gain direct and practical experience in all basic components of cycle of accounting. These Perdisco manual practices set includes a number of basic accounting activities and follow a step by step process from recording transactions into journals (both general and special) and their subsequent posting in ledgers. These all are prepared for  one month accounting cycle and students learn basic working of a fictional company thus by preparing trial balance, recording of adjusting entries and closing entries and at last preparing profit and loss account and financial statements. Thus, these Perdisco accounting practice set help students to develop an understanding regarding the accounting process of companies and how each process from recording transactions to preparing financial statements is carried out in a business.  
Distinct features of Perdisco assignments help 
Anti-cheat function – We provide PERDISCO HOMEWORK HELPS to each student separately as practice set provided to students cannot be copied from each other answers and each student prepares a unique assignment by taking different companies. Unlike paper based practice sets which includes same questions and there are a lot more chances of copying solutions, Perdisco online practice set provides same practice set but includes different companies, rates, grading points, inventory mechanism so that two students can’t copy each other’s answers.
Auto grading function - MYOB ACCOUNTING PRACTICE SET help enable students to self-grade their work and each practice set is embedded with features which scores student out of hundred point scale. Students are marked at each stage and level which helps them to further move in the assignment keeping in mind the real score that they want to achieve in the assignments. Our online practice set are far better that the paper based sets as these reduce the workload of teachers and professors since they are free from manual checking of assignments. Biasness is avoided as these practice sets contain efficient mechanism and framework for grading each individual students work task.
Feedback function – Feedback feature of PERDISCO ACCOUNTING PRACTICE SET helps students to have a quick and regular feedback of their mistakes and they learn more quickly as they move forward in the assignment completion journey. Each step in the perdisco assignment practice set help students to identify their mistakes and provides them with the facility of immediate correction. 
Back on track function – PERDISCO HOMEWORK HELP ensures that student should learn from their mistakes and should avoid carrying mistakes further so that they understand the utility of each step and enhance their skills in respect of real accounting structure of companies. Thus the back on track function put students back on learning essential and key accounting skills with simultaneous correction of their mistakes.


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