HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise

HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise
Topics for 2st Research Paper: DUE Week 10

1.    Inter-industry trade and Intra-industry trade

2.    Internal economies of scale and external economies of scale

3.    Monopolistic competition and Oligopoly markets

4.    Dumping

5.    International labour mobility and its effects on countries

6.    Tariffs and Import duties – effects on industries and the economies, costs and benefits of a tariff

7.    Trade policy- comment on Australia’s trade policy (both positive and negative impacts on Australian economy,  industries and employment)

8.    Import substitution and Export oriented approach (Compare any other developed nation with Australia)

9.    Controversies in trade policy- winners and losers in trade and Australia free trade agreements with Korea, Japan or China.


On completing this unit the students will
1. understand of the theory and practices relevant to trade and international enterprise;
2. understand the main international trade models and the motivations for international trade;
3. understand the impact of trade on economies and knowledge of welfare, growth and resource implications;
4. understand the causes and consequence of government interventions in international trade;
5. understand the main instruments governing international trade and their consequences.

Learning Outcomes:

1. History of economics and understanding of globalization and balance of payments.
2. An understanding of principle of comparative advantage and its useful in international trade.
3. An understanding of standard trade model and various market structures in different industries.
4. A well- developed understanding of international factor movements, the instruments of trade policy, from GATT to WTO and controversies in trade policy.


Expert Guidance

The subject code for this was HI5016 and the name of the subject was international trade and enterprise. In this assessment we have been provided the list of nine topics, out of which we were to select the one and write a research paper on that. the topic that we have selected for this assessment was international labor mobility and its effects on the countries.
In this research paper, first of all, we have talked about the rising of international competition due to the globalization due to which the mobility of the labor has been increased. After that, we have talked about the term labor mobility and its significance in brief. We have described two types of labor mobility that is occupational based and geography based. Out of which we have discussed the geographic mobility in brief.
In the next section, we have talked about the relation between the geographical mobility and the economy. In this, we have talked about the impact of both the factors, that is labor mobility and economic condition of the countries on each other.
In the next section, we have discussed the impact of globalization on labor mobility. We have found that the globalization has made it easy for the labors to move from one place to another for the employment.
After that, we have also discussed the relational between the technology and the unemployment rate and how it affects the mobility of labor. We have also talked about the cost of migration. It has been observed that the people are ready to pay anything for the migration in the developed countries for employment. Further, the positive impact that international labor mobility has, have been discussed. the example of the European Union has been provided in the report in order to give the clear idea of the mobility.

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