AM807001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Assessment 1: Report

AM807001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Assessment 1: Report

Please choose Moana New Zealand as the company,
1.    The assignment is based on the new Zealand market.
2.    The idea that will be introduced is hybrid boats , hybrid boats are already available in new Zealand but Moana does not have hybrid boats in their fleet.
3.    Only used 250 words to introduce the company and do not waste word count more than that.
4.    Using Lean Canvas.
5.    Pls do not waste word count by explaining what lean canvas is , pls apply it using factual evidence from the internet (New Zealand market)
6.    I will attach all learning slides which you can use to answer the learning outcome below.

Learning Outcome(s) Assessed

1.    Critically assess entrepreneurial opportunities in both new and established businesses including Māori entrepreneur or Iwi/Māori innovative enterprises.
2.    Critically analyse the innovation process in a variety of applied contexts.
3.    Explore frameworks, strategies, organisational models, funding options, risks and barriers facing the entrepreneur in order to maximise the probability of success.
4.    Apply analytical tools that can assist structuring information for decision-making about innovation to manage risk.


Please see your course outline for guidelines around resubmission and extensions.
To prepare for this assessment you will need to identify a new business idea by reviewing the market environment to identify customer problems or innovation opportunities using analytical tools.
Critically appraise the innovation process of your identified new business idea, using relevant literature to support your critical appraisal. You will explore:
•  frameworks
•  strategies
•  organisational models
•  funding options
•  risks and barriers

facing your identified new business idea in order to maximise the probability of success. Use an appropriate model, such as the Lean Canvas to present the business idea(s) and planning aspects of your assessment: and append this to a report in which you present your analysis, evaluations and decisions.
Expert Guidance

This assignment was required to be submitted to the Otago Polytechnic, Auckland International Campus. The subject code of this was AM807001 and the name of the assignment was entrepreneurship and innovation. In this assignment, we were required to assess the entrepreneurial opportunities in both new and established business which will include the Maori entrepreneur innovative process. After that, we have been asked to critically analyze the innovation process in a variety of applied contexts. Next, to that, we were required to explore the frameworks, strategies, organizational models, funding options risks and barriers that will be faced by the entrepreneur in order to maximize the probability of success.
For this assessment, the business that we have selected was hybrid boats in Moana, New Zealand. first of all, we have discussed the opportunities of the hybrid boats in Moana. We have talked about the Kiwis are obsessed with their boating culture and how it will be a good gamble to open the hybrid boat facility in the Moana too. after that, we have performed the Porter’s Five Forces Model Analysis. in this, we have talked about the threat of new entries in this market, buyers’ power, the threat of substitution, supplier power, and competitive rivalry. We have also performed the analysis of the macro environment. further to that, we have discussed the possible funding options for the hybrid boats. Following that, the swot analyses have been done in which the strength of the hybrid boat business, its weaknesses, new opportunities for them, and few threats have been discussed. We have also discussed various strategies that will help the company to run the business successfully. In order to run the business smoothly, we have provided a recommendation on the organizational model that will be best suited for the company.

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