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Level 5 – 1077 marks
This assignment is also an online mode practice set in which the difficulty level is too high and the time taken is also high up to 21 hours. Perpetual inventory system is followed in the given entity which is having the corporation structure. An interesting feature of this PREDISCO ASSIGNMENT SET is sales tax. Deduction of sales tax is assumed as a difficult task for the students in the course of accounting as one needs an in depth knowledge to know the minute details related to it and the mechanism for its deduction. Our team of tax experts provides accurate services in tax deduction of any kind be it sales tax or GST or any other tax you would name.
Level of difficulty of such assignment – The level of difficulty is quite high in this level of the practice set of the assignment. Such accounting software assignment displays advanced module.
Working pattern of such assignment – Just like the previous level same inventory system is required to be followed in this level of practice set i.e. perpetual inventory system. Unlike the other levels of the practice set, there is a requirement filling Sales tax in the particular level of online practice set. There is no requirement of filing the reversing entries in this level of the assignment. It is required by the students to maintain bank reconciliation statement in the advanced level of the online practice set.
Structure of the organization that is taken - Corporation is the fundamental and basic business structure of the level 6th of the online practice set. Special and general journal are necessary and required to be maintained by the students in this particular level.
The specified time limit for this practice set has been provided as 21 hours due to the higher level of difficulty and comparatively harder than other perdisco practice sets. The inclusion and treatment of the sales tax is one of the exclusive characteristics of this perdisco practice set. The highly talented and qualified team of perdisco solvers of has put their sincere efforts in the Perdisco Homework Help to explain the concept of sales tax in the easiest possible manner. The experts are proficient enough in dealing with the tax related issues and therefore posses the essential knowledge for solving the practice sets. 
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