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Level 4 - 1089 marks


This PERDISCO PRACTICE SET is a 19 hours medium level online test which has a perpetual system of inventory and is based for a corporation entity. It includes recording of transaction in both special and general journal and then preparing the bank reconciliation statement. Students perceive this Bank Reconciliation Statement as major source of marks reduction as they lack the essential knowledge about BRS and the role it play in the accounting process. Thus, our MYOB ACCOUNTING PRACTICE SET is designed in such a manner that not only solves such complexities of student but also adds to the student’s learning process. Perdiscoassignmenthelp.com experienced team of accounting professionals provide the students with 100% accurate, reliable and authentic solution that too at a minimal cost.

Level of difficulty of such assignment – Medium is the difficulty level of the level 5th of Practice set of the assignment.


Working pattern of such assignment – Other than the periodic inventory system, the system used in this level of the practice set is perpetual inventory system. No effect of tax can be noticed in the particular level of the online practice set of the assignment. Reversing entries are also not required to be file in the particular level. On the other hand, it is required to prepare the bank reconciliation system for the level by the students.


Structure of the organization that is taken - Corporation is the basic Business structure for the level 5 of the practice set. Journals are needed to be maintained in the particular level of practice set.

In this type of online based accounting set, the scheduled time limit for the completing the Perdisco practice set is around 19 hours that is minimized by the skilled experts of perdiscoassignmenthelp.com. Under this set, the corporate entity is following the perpetual inventory system and makes recording of transaction in both kinds of journal along with easy preparation process of BRS. The major areas of marks deduction for the students are BRS due to involvement of high degree of accuracy at the time of putting the value in the format. Thus, the Perdisco Manual practice set help is sure shot solution for reducing the complexities and difficulties of the students.

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