Performing arts college

Level 1 – 284 marks

This is an online format based assignment. This is a beginner accounting PERDISCO PRACTICE SET in which difficulty level is on lower side. This is a sole proprietorship form of entity and includes general journal only. It takes around 10 hours to complete the test.  Still there is deduction of marks for each and every step. So it makes hard for student to gain their best output but with expert services gaining 95% marks and above is not a tedious task.
Level of difficulty of such assignment – The particular level of difficulty of such assignments is on the lower side. Such accounting software assignment displays beginner module.
Working pattern of such assignments - Student is not required to maintain any level of inventory for such assignment. Such practise sets are also not affected by the regime of taxation. On the other part of it in the particular online practise set there is no such reversing entry that is needed to be worked out. As it is a beginner module there is no such requirement to prepare bank reconciliation and worksheet as a part of accounting assignment.
Structure of the organsiation that is taken – In the particular level 1 accounting practise set student has to prepare the accounting and financial records for the sole proprietorship form of business organisation.  
This perdisco practice set is considered to be most easy and initial level of practice set as the level of difficulty is significantly low in comparison to other perdisco practice sets. The beginner level set includes the accounting details of a single entity i.e. sole proprietor form of business and follows general journal system of recording transactions. The scheduled completition time for this set is around 10 hours but the students generally commits mistake while solving this set which increases the finish time for the set. 
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